Enrichment Activities


Music takes place daily in the classroom. Music and movement experiences in early childhood have a measurable, positive, and highly significant impact on a child's development. This broad based musical experience incorporates singing, moving, listening, playing specially designed instruments, and ensemble development.


Early Childhood Development Screenings and Resources:

This is an important part of our program in an effort to promote healthy development.  We provide vision, hearing, speech, and dental screenings as well as partner with other early childhood consultants that specialize in social/emotional and physical development.

Our school uses Conscious Discipline and our S.T.A.R.R. room to create a compassionate school family that ensures every child’s success.  One of the skills that is embedded in our preschool is the Skill of Composure.

“Stop...take a deep breath...Relax”………..You’re safe.  Breathe with me.  You can handle this.



Parents provide a sack lunch every day for their children. Lunches need to include 1/3 of the daily nutritional requirements.



Our curriculum includes opportunities for children to cook.

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