Transitional Kindergarten Program

Our Transitional Kindergarten class is a 5 day program designed to accomplish the following objectives:


  1. Gain confidence and self-assurance translating into a desire to learn and take risks.
  2. Bridge the whimsy of childhood with the academics kids can expect in the Kindergarten year. (School Readiness).
  3. Provide a classroom environment which surrounds children with written language that is meaningful to them, laying the groundwork for becoming an avid reader.
  4. Provide basic principles underlying written language—the alphabetic principle.
  5. Instruction is systematic and sequential— “learning builds on learning.”
  6. Begin a lasting appreciation for music and art by providing opportunities for exploration.
  7. Provide daily exposure to age-appropriate math concepts and operations.
  8. Emphasize learning the fundamentals of math, reading and writing.
  9. Offer a balanced mix of play and structured learning meeting state benchmarks and standards.
  10. Support children with positive social/emotional tools in a Christian setting.

Our transitional kindergarten curriculum includes the following subjects: Math, Social Studies, Science, Reading, Writing, Music and Art in a loving environment that is engaging, fun, supportive, and challenging.