Please note, one enrollment form must be filled out per child.

Enrollment Information

First, Middle, Last

Parent/Guardian Information

Parent/Guardian Information


Where you want to receive communication from St. James Preschool

Personal Information

Brothers and sisters of child:

Required Health Information

A Health Appraisal Form, signed by a Physician and Completed Immunization Records must be given to St. James Preschool Prior to your child attending preschool! Immunization records are provided by your physician.
Additional forms may be required for these exemptions.

Medical Information

Signature is required.

Permission From Parents For Medical Treatment, and Participation in Special Programs

Please read, acknowledge each statement, and electronically sign below.
Their access is regulated and necessary to complete regulatory inspections.
  1. Attempt to contact a parent, guardian or child’s physician.
  2. Attempt to contact you through any of the persons listed on the emergency information form you completed for us.
  3. If we cannot contact you or your child’s physician we will do any or all of the following:
    • Call our nurse consultant
    • Call an ambulance
    • Have the child taken to an emergency hospital in the company of a staff member.
    Any expenses incurred under number 3, will be borne by the child’s family.
  4. The school will not be responsible for anything that may happen because of false information given at the time of enrollment.
  5. This school will not be responsible for anything that may happen to a child that HAS NOT been signed in when he/she arrives for the day or after he/she has been signed out for the day.
Signature is required.

Compliance Agreement to Rules and Regulations

Please read, check each statement and electronically sign this agreement below.
Check only if this applies to you.
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