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"I love the support, love, play, and learning at St. James Preschool.  It's an answer to prayer"!

"St. James offers many opportunities for parents to learn more about parenting.  Parents can volunteer for many positions in the school and on the board".

"We love SJP!  The program is well run and organized, with teachers that are warm and caring.  We are thrilled with the safe, fun, and educational opportunities it provides for our children".

"I feel very confident in the education my son is receiving at St. James Preschool.  They work with us to set realistic and developmentally appropriate goals for him".

"St. James is an amazing school that has helped my children flourish.  They are very interactive with families and I feel very involved in my children's education".

"I absolutely love this preschool.  It is evident that the staff car for the children and families.  The teachers work really hard to make their classrooms a playful learning environment.  The school feels welcoming when you walk in and my child is very happy to go to school".

"St. James has been a wonderful and nurturing preschool environment for my son.  He loves going to school every day!  I cannot say enough positive things about St. James Preschool".

"We've been very impressed with the amount of information given in the handbook and orientation, the opportunities to participate in the kid's classes and to meet other families, and in the parenting classes given"!

"I have seen so much progress with just being at SJP for 2 years.  She shines in manners and playing with others.  Her vocabulary is amazing!  The staff is wonderful.  This is a gem of a school"!

"The communication from St. James to parents is wonderful!  I always kow what my child is learning, how to help them at home with furthering their learning, and how the school plans to continue to help my child grow".

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