Our dedicated professional staff provides a well-balanced curriculum. They use early childhood education practices that have been researched and proven to provide children with the best chance to flourish. These practices are evidence-based and are used to meet the individual needs of all children. The Creative Curriculum, the Pyramid Model for Promoting Social and Emotional Development for Young Children and Dr. Becky Bailey’s, Loving Guidance provides the framework from which the curriculum is developed.


Pyramid Model PDF

Summary of Conscious Discipline PDF

Creative Curriculum Goals and Objectives PDF


The teachers carefully prepare a variety of learning opportunities which foster social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth. The school day gives a balance of both non-structured and structured group times. The child’s day includes free play, story time, lunch, art, movement, music, science, math, language, drama, and outdoor play experience. Our children have FUN while experimenting with color, shapes, sizes, numbers, and letters.



  • To provide a comprehensive approach to curriculum that addresses the needs of the whole child, a balance between social, emotional, language, cognitive, spiritual and physical activities.

  • To give your child the opportunity to develop natural curiosity and to broaden the realm of experience beyond the home environment.


We will help:

  • Guide young children toward social competence.

  • Develop a sense of cooperation in playing with other children and the ability to understand the feelings of others.

  • Give each child the opportunity to develop independence and self-help skills.

  • Encourage the development of communication skills.

  • Encourage and develop the spiritual dimension of your child’s life.

  • To begin a lasting appreciation for music, art, and literature.

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